Terms of Use


Livris Hotel (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel) markets and sells accommodation service according to the published information, description, term and valid price list, and in accordance with the confirmed reservation/contract, in its name and for its account. As the customer of the end-user Service, an agency or tour operator may appear, and the provisions of the general terms and conditions apply to them as intermediaries. By submitting a booking enquiry, you acknowledge that you are agreed with the General terms and conditions of the Hotel and it becomes a legal obligation. When providing services in the Hotel, the rules prescribed in the House rules and catering practices in accordance with positive legislation of the Republic of Croatia apply.


After you make an initial inquiry for accommodation, you are considered a prospective user of the accommodation and on the basis of it, the pre-booking is made. All records are kept under the name of the person who sent the inquiry (if it is a physical person, the name and surname; and if it is a legal person, the full name of the company with all the data), and that person is considered the Holder of the reservation. The Holder of the reservation must be older than 18 years and is authorized by the other designated persons to make the reservation on behalf of all persons listed in the inquiry. By completing and submitting the booking request, the reservation Holder confirms that he/she is authorized to book on behalf of everyone and that others agree, and that they are also bound by the terms of the reservation. When booking, the Holder is required to provide all the information required by the booking process. The Booking of the accommodation for the appropriate term is valid only if the reservation Holder has fulfilled all the conditions specified in the pre-booking and after the written confirmation of the reservation (voucher) by the Hotel. If the booking Holder does not meet the required conditions within the specified deadline, the reservation is deemed to be void. By fulfilling the conditions set out in the prebooking, you agree to the General terms and conditions of the Hotel and this constitutes the formal legal conclusion of the contract. In the formal legal sense, the Holder is always liable for the reservation and cannot transfer his/her responsibility to the persons for whom he has made the booking. Persons under 18 years of age shall not be able to book a stay. In these cases, we reserve the right to refuse to process the reservation inquiry without specifying any reason. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse, cancel or modify the reservation if there has been a misuse of the booking system or if it has been made by user error. The Hotel’s duty is to care about providing services and caring for the rights and interests of the guest according to the good customs of tourism. The Hotel will fulfil all obligations in full and on its standards provided, in good faith and by the attention of the conscientious entrepreneur in accordance with the rules of the profession, except in special circumstances. The Hotel undertakes to respect the privacy of all its users and will not make their data available to third parties or be used for marketing purposes without prior consent. The Hotel collects only the necessary information about the users needed to perform the reservation. All customer information is strictly safeguarded and is available only to employees who require such information to perform their work. All Hotel and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.


The arrangement of the accommodation units is determined by Front Desk. If the guest has not expressly asked for a room with special features, he will accept the official registered accommodation unit. It is not possible to stay in the room before 3 p.m. on the day of arrival, and the same must be vacated by 11 a.m. on the last day of utilizing the service.


The price of accommodation includes the basic service as described in the valid price list at the time that the reservation is confirmed. Special services are those services that are not included in the accommodation price and therefore the guest shall pay for them separately. These services should be requested at Front Desk. The Hotel reserves the right to change prices if there has been a change in currency rates compared to the date of price formation. The Hotel may inform the customer in writing or orally about the price change.


If you are prevented from travelling, you have the right to transfer your reservation onto third parties or another time period. In this situation, you should inform the Hotel in writing at least 2 days prior to your scheduled arrival. Until the Hotel receives written consent from the other person about taking on the reservation for you, you shall be responsible for the total invoice of the services ordered.


Should you wish to make changes to an already confirmed reservation, you must contact the Hotel in writing as soon as possible. The Hotel will try to accommodate your wishes, but cannot guarantee in advance that this will be possible.


If you wish to cancel your reservation, the same can be done in writing via e-mail or phone. The cancellation is accepted only if sent by the holder of the reservation or a person legally authorised to do the same on his behalf. For cancelling the reservation, the Hotel is entitled to reimbursement of expenses according to the cancellation of the bill of rates unless otherwise defined by the contract. Depending on the date of receipt of the cancellation notice, the Hotel applies the following cancellation rates: CANCELLATION REQUIREMENTS FOR INDIVIDUAL BOOKINGS -48 hours prior to arrival – hotels charges 100% of the total amount


The Hotel reserves the right to amend the reservation or the way to provide services at any time, should the circumstances beyond our control, which cannot be predicted, avoided or postponed arise. The confirmed accommodation unit can be replaced by the unit of the same or higher category while retaining the same price as valid at the time of booking confirmation and informing the guest about the change in a timely manner. In cases where the replacement accommodation cannot be found and the reservation is paid in advance, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation and refund the entire amount.


In Accordance with Article 10. paragraph 1 item  10 of the Hospitality industry Act (Official Gazette 85/2015), guests discontent with the purchased product or the service provided may express a complaint in writing in the Hotel, whereby the Hotel will promptly confirm the receipt of the complaint without delay. Guest complaint can also be sent by mail or e-mail to: Eleganter d.o.o., Rapska 12, 10000 Zagreb, tel: +385 1 6465 115, mail: info@livrishotel.com. We will submit a written reply within 15 days from the date of receiving the complaint.


It is set in the Hotel’s House rules and can be found in every room.


As a guest, you are obligated to possess valid travel documents, respect the customs and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia, as well as adhere to the House Rules and instructions of the Hotel’s staff. The guests are obligated to keep the property, as well as all furniture, furnishing, equipment and the environment in the same condition and conditions as they were at the beginning of the service. The customer shall be liable and obligated to reimburse the cost for any type of damage incurred.


Payment for additional services is negotiable or determined according to the valid price list. The Hotel assumes no responsibility for services provided through other service providers. Should the guest wishes to use additional services, it is necessary to inform the Front Desk of them in advance.


The Hotel is not responsible for damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen luggage. All valuables shall be left in the Hotel’s room at your own risk. The Hotel bears no responsibility for the loss thereof if it has not been reported and stored in a safe deposit box located in the Hotel’s rooms. Loss of items or theft shall be reported at the Hotel’s Front Desk and the local police station.

  1. PETS

Pets are not allowed in the Hotel.


The Hotel shall bear no responsibility in the event of death, illness or injury of any person in the Hotel, if the adverse event is not caused by the Hotel or extreme negligence on the part of their staff. The Hotel shall not liable for the loss, interruption or delay due to any cause beyond our control including, but not limited to, force majeure (explosion, storm, fire or accident, war or threat of war, civil riots, restrictions, local Laws or any measure of state or local authorities, strikes, prohibitions of inputs or other industrial actions, interruptions, etc.). In cases of executing the release from obligation, the liability of the Hotel shall be limited only to the refund of the amount paid to us in connection with the reservation. The Hotel shall not liable for a complaint that would result from failure of mechanical and other equipment in the accommodation; e.g. heat pumps, boilers, etc. or for the interruption of utility services (electricity, water, gas, etc.). The Hotel shall not responsible for any noise or interference that occurs outside the Hotel’s property or is outside the control of the staff. The Hotel shall not responsible for any events occurring outside our control, such as bad weather, delays of other carriers, malfunction of household appliances, injuries caused by improper use of equipment and noncompliance, as well as intentionally induced damage by the Hotel Services user.


The Sojourn tax is calculated according to the applicable legal regulations, and the guest is obligated to pay it simultaneously with the payment of the accommodation service. Sojourn tax is not included in the price of accommodation.


Offered accommodation and other capacities are described according to the official categorization of the Republic of Croatia. The Hotel shall assume no responsibility for any oral or written information that is not in accordance with the description of the services and the object itself in the published programs, which is obtained from a third party. The Hotel shall not respond in case of inaccurate information by business partners.


By written confirmation of the reservation of accommodation, guest or group of guests, natural or legal person who made the reservation fully accepts these Terms. The General conditions are available at the Hotel’s web site.

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